The Barefoot Academy of Governance is an initiative of a group of behavioural specialists involved in governance reform, both corporate and state, for the past 25 years.

Our goal is the democratisation of governance; that is to create a new ground of action for governance processes that are equitable and sustainable. Barefoot organizes broad base skilled interventions though a cadre of behavioural specialists trained in mediating and modulating governance change. Our work is achieved through expanding circles of consensus, and strengthened through widening circles of solidarity grounded in indigenous knowledge and traditions.

Over the years our work in governance reform has occurred on two levels of intervention: at the level of government and at the level of community. The work has involved doctors, engineers, welfare officials, academicians, administrators as well as grass root actors, and it has taken us to Tamil Nadu, Nagaland, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra and Odisha.

We believe that when the individual and the community are energized, change is possible. We’ve seen it happen, time and again, in the most unexpected ways and places. This has encouraged us to organize over 100 years of collective experience into compact knowledge modules, and to transfer this knowledge and experience by creating more governance facilitators, or Change Catalysts.

Change is driven by the hope that the good can be better. Change management is the art of making the impossible a reality.

The Founding Team

S. Ramadorai
Chairperson, National Skill Development Council and TISS
Vice Chairman TCS
Prof. S. Parasuraman
Director, TISS.
Pradip Prabhu
Former Dean, TISS, Tuljapur

Dr. V. Suresh
SC appointed Adviser for TN on Food Security/ Nat.Secy, PUCL.
Raghu Ananthanarayanan
Chairperson, Sumedhas Academy for Human Context
Gagandeep Singh
Dean, IAOD, Sumedhas


Hussaina Manzil,
3rd Floor, 255 / 123,
Angappa Naicken Street,
Chennai 600001.